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Veterans--our nation’s warriors--are trained to fight with every last ounce of their being; giving their blood, sweat, and tears for their country. Unfortunately, this also includes their mental health and with these sacrifices, veterans see little return from the very government they took an oath to serve. Join veteran and hosts Mark, Nate, and their guest speakers, as he speaks on topics that greatly impact our soldiers today such as: mental health, homelessness, and more. The RakkTalk Podcast aims to make these silent epidemic issues come to light and to provide resources for veterans who feel as if they have been left behind

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Mark, a Disabled US Army Combat Veteran and father of four, founded The RakkTalk Podcast with a long-held dream of creating a podcast since he left military service. His personal struggles transitioning from military service to civilian life post-conflict ignited a fervent desire to support fellow veterans.

Nate, a disabled US Army Combat veteran and father of three, is the co-host of The RakkTalk Podcast. He has a deep desire to use podcasting as a means to assist others and has always been passionate about aiding veterans, families, and children. Nate eagerly anticipates raising awareness and providing the necessary support and care to those in need.


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If you or some one you know runs a orignization that directly helps improve the lives of veterans, and would like to be featured on a episode of The RakkTalk Podcast, contact us below.


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